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Evidence of Hope is a series of portraits featuring people and projects from around the world who are addressing global challenges, successfully! Each portrait engages the audience through a positive narrative, presenting what is working and how it is working. Drawing on the ability to inspire through beauty and love, Evidence of Hope focuses on relating individual projects to the collective experience, highlighting how tradition can incubate innovation. Evidence of Hope documents and supports progress that is happening right now, demonstrating the reason we should have hope for a sustainable future.

We are the change, and now is the time to begin a new story … the story of Evidence of Hope.


Evidence of Hope: Yaeda Valley

Evidence of Hope: Yaeda Valley shares the beautiful story of the Hadzabe people of northern Tanzania.

As one of the winners of the 2019 United Nations Equator Prize, the Hadzabe hold up a clear vision of the power of linking traditional indigenous knowledge with technology. The Hadzabe people are one of the world’s oldest living indigenous communities, yet also leaders in innovative climate technology. Together with Carbon Tanzania, as community owners of their land, they have found a way to live their traditional lifestyle, protect their forests, and provide benefits to every person in the world! This is evidence of hope!!

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