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"I just watched Evidence of Hope: Women of Morocco and I am deeply moved. Nothing soothes me more than hearing women sing in my mothertongue. They all seem so comfortable in front of your lens, like you were always one of them/us. Thank you for doing what you do. Very few people are able to capture the essence of my people in this way. This made me proud of my people's resilience!"


"I am a life long beach comber and a parent of two young adults, Evidence of Hope: The FlipFlopi speaks to me so deeply I found myself literally cheering out loud while watching it!"

“In an increasingly bleak world, this documentary cuts through cynicism and despair; it's inspiring, moving and so beautiful. Framed around the notion of social equity, it depicts how the Hadzabe people of northern Tanzania, (UNDP 2019, Equator Prize winners), as community owners of their land, living a traditional lifestyle, are protecting their forests and providing benefits for all of us. Fabulous work Tasha Goldberg and Luis Felipe Ruiz - absolutely stunning! #EvidenceofHope

“NOTHING like an idea thats time has come.......”

“This is a huge gift to the world - everyone everywhere needs Evidence of Hope. Thank you for producing this and spreading reasons to believe in the goodness of the world.”

“This masterful film truly shows how hope motivates and secures inclusion, healing, prosperity and great respect for people and the environment. Bravo for bringing this message to the global audience!! Well done Tasha Goldberg!”

“A timely and inspiring film by The passionate storyteller, Tasha Goldberg. Bringing evidence of sustainability.”



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