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The empowerment of women is more than a fundamental right, it is an absolute necessity for sustainable development. The question becomes, how do we realize a world with gender equality? Evidence of Hope continues its global journey, learning from people who are looking directly in the face of global challenges and creating solutions … beautiful solutions.

Evidence of Hope: Women of Morocco explores how to bridge the traditional knowledge of yesterday, with the innovation of today, for a sustainable tomorrow.


From the valleys of the High Atlas Mountains to rural coastal communities along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, I discovered that the bond between generations is key to realizing this potential. I found many examples of women working together, bridging generations and connecting tradition to innovation to face the future together. From the grandmothers growing medicinal and aromatic plants using climate smart agriculture at UN Women sponsored Tudert Collective, to the next generation studying at the Dar Taliba boarding school supported by the Global Diversity Foundation, women in Morocco are changing their own lives.


Join the journey and meet women who are empowered, women who are adapting to climate change … women who are Evidence of Hope!

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