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The world is full of beauty, endurance, and innovation. It is possible to recognize opportunity in the global challenges we are facing. In celebration of those who do, I present: Evidence of Hope. Evidence of Hope: the FlipFlopi introduces Ali Skanda, a master dhow builder from Lamu, Kenya. Ali is the son of nine generations of master woodworkers, part of a legacy of designing solutions. When faced with waves of plastic pollution, Ali courageously looked directly in the face of the challenge and began to design a solution… a beautiful solution. Using the plastic waste and transforming it into lumber, Ali began to build the FlipFlopi. Rooted in the traditional design of the Swahili dhow that has criss-crossed the Indian Ocean for generations, the FlipFlopi is made completely from upcycled waste. The FlipFlopi has sailed the East African coast, and will soon set sail around the world, sharing how it is possible to address plastic pollution… sharing Evidence of Hope.

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