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Building The Foundations for Peace through Food Sustainability

This year’s International Day of Peace (September 21st) falls on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The world is invited to observe a 24-hour period of non-violence and ceasefire, and consider the theme of “Shaping Peace Together”.  Food lies at the intersection of all efforts to create durable peace and security.

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Bridging Health and Food Security through Nutrition: Revelations from a Crisis: The UN Decade of Action on Nutrition aims to increase awareness, investments and policies that promote access to safe and healthy food for all. Five years in, challenges exposed by the covid-19 pandemic only accentuate the critical need for global health and food security. 

International Women's Day: Leadeship in Island Resilience

International Women's Day: Leadership in Island Resilience

Meet Vanuatu's Solar mamas and see how investing in the empowerment of women seeds community sustainable development.

The extraordinary courage and strength of ordinary women is truly Evidence of Hope!!

International Year of Plant Health

International Year of Plant Health: Protecting Plant Health to Sustain Human Health

Life of Earth depends on plants! Learn about the efforts being led by FAO and the power of prevention. Read the spotlight on Sunny Savage who is leading a unique movement to engage community in plant protection. Solutions to our challenges, like the Savage Kitchen App, are Evidence of Hope!

Evidence of Hope is just beginning. Gifts of support are welcome.
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