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Shop Conscious

What if it was possible to make a difference in the world? What if buying a tshirt started a ripple effect for a positive impact? What if it was possible to create prosperity in a fair and environmentally sound way with our consumer choices?  It is!


Conscious Consumerism: the opportunity to express values, be accountable, invest in what we support, what we represent. Sustainable fashion is how the textile industry CAN adapt; change practices to better support the environment and  enhance social justice. 


The ability to choose what we consume is a luxury not all people have the privilege to experience. However, for those with the freedom to choose, these choices have the power to support and protect those who do not. 


Now is a very good time to reflect on the intersections in our own lives - the points of overlap and connection. Now is a very good time to realize that the way we vote, shop, and consume impacts our natural environment and our global society. Recognizing value is a stimulus to become accountable ... and accountability is the cornerstone of conscious consumerism.


“People protect what they love, they love what they understand and they understand what they are taught.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Top five reasons to love your EOH Tshirt 

  • Supporting Local business Print Natural is a local artisanal business working for a better world. The shop works exclusively with fair trade, organic cotton apparel. All inks are vegan, organic water-based, chemical free inks. The handmade process significantly lowers electrical demand = lowering carbon emissions. Each and every tshirt ordered is made by a real person, a person we admire, and a person who is working to make the world a better place. 

  • Individual Choices benefit the global community EOH t shirts are printed on Econscious apparel. The company not only produces high quality organic cotton apparel, they have committed 1% of every single retail sale to an environmental non-profit organization, as a member of 1% For the Planet

  • Caring for the Earth is a Good Look From the very start of the growing process, farming organic cotton avoids chemicals from toxic pesticides. This protects local ecosystems from toxic run off,  supports improved biodiversity, and increases the potential for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere …..AND it is a healthier condition for farmers and agricultural workers.

  • Water is Life Production of an organic cotton shirt requires approximately 70% less water than a conventional cotton shirt. The eco-inks do not contain plastisol - which means washing your EOH tshirt will not deposit microplastics into groundwater. 

  • This is for US Evidence of Hope is for everyone. EOH content strives to meet people in different regions, share successes by diverse communities, and touch on topics that range from climate change to beauty. Our stories are love letter, hoping to encourage us all to feel connected and open to understanding the value of the world around us. These stories are meant to inspire us to feel love, and to care for that which love accordingly - becoming accountability. Each purchase will  of an EOH tshirt supports production of Evidence of Hope features and content. 

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